What is Givt?

Although St. Alban’s Church has reopened for Services to a limited number each week, things will remain very different for a long time to come.  This includes the ways that people give.


If you are able to attend a service, you will not be able to give a physical offering in the collection plate for the time being, which means we’ve explored other ways to enable people to continue or start to give.


This is where ‘Givt’ comes in.  You are now able to contribute safely and anonymously to the collection using your smartphone. For this you’ll need the Givt app – which you can download at www.givtapp.net/en/download/.


Givt is an app that allows you to participate in the collection anytime and anywhere.  Whether you are at the Church Service or watching it from home.  With Givt you can just keep giving. Open the app, choose how much you want to give, choose how you want to give and you’re done!

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Watch a short video on Givt

This short video explains how giving both in Church and remotely works.

To Give in Church

With Givt, it’s really easy to give however you want and wherever you are, but you must first, ensure you’ve downloaded the App and set up your payment details.  If you choose to give by collection device, our colleciton plate which contains a special chip will be on a table as you enter the Church.  The App will walk you through, but there’s a simple guide below.  For more information click here to visit the Givt website.


Open the App and choose the amount you would like to give.


Choose the way you want to give and follow the prompts.


To give by collection device, wave your smartphone over the collection plate.


Or simply select ‘St Albans Crawley’ from the list of Churches.