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Parish Giving Scheme

Parish Giving Scheme Explained

A better way to help your local Church!

The Church of England offers a Christian presence in every community, seeking to be at the heart of all our cities, towns and villages; by serving our communities; by sharing our faith and values; by worshipping together and by our wonderful buildings. This valuable contribution to our community has a cost, which is largely met by personal donations. For the Church to survive and grow, we rely on regular donations so that we can plan confidently for the future.
‘Money’ dominates too many agendas in our Church. We need to
tackle this problem head-on, so that we can move forward with confidence. Successfully addressing the Church’s need to receive realistic, long term giving from committed Christians is a fundamental part of developing a thriving, outward looking church.

What is it?
The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a 21st century solution to offset one of the greatest problems of local church income – ‘static’ giving. Donations made through PGS use a Direct Debit. This can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The full donations – plus any associated Gift Aid – come straight back to the local church, thus saving quite a lot of administrative time at local level.
If you tick the ‘inflation option’, your giving is automatically adjusted each year, so it becomes ‘inflation proofed’. Then the PGS will collect ‘odd
amounts’ which nobody would normally think of giving, but cumulatively make a huge difference to local church finances. The PGS also makes life easier for your local church’s administration team, and improves their cash flow. This will free up their energies to focus on other important church priorities and not be so worried about money.

If you would like to join the scheme as a donor, simply ask the St. Alban’s Finance Officer Sue Richardson for a Gift Form.


Based on an example of £40 per month

In summary, the PGS
• Collects your donation by Direct Debit
• Claims the Gift Aid entitlement
• Pays the gross amount into the local church’s bank account within ten days
• Offers you a helpline number to call if you have any questions
• Provides the (popular) option to automatically increase your donation each year to keep in line with inflation

What next?
If you would like to find out more about the Parish Giving Scheme, contact Sue Richardson – Your local church Finance Officer in person or via the email address below:

Our Finance Officer is, Sue Richardson email: